WordPress.com Stats – more than meets the eye – you can customize them to show stats for as many days as you’d like

Posted on March 27, 2006. Filed under: blogging, feature requests, WordPress.com |

It's nice that WordPress.com provides us with the ability to view some vital items from our blog's statistics in the Dashboard|Blog Stats area. And I love the graph that shows the traffic over the past 30 days (although I wish you could click on any of the points in the graph and have it show you detailed stats for that particular day, rather than just the number of visitors).

However, it's disappointing that wordpress.com is setup by default to just show you your detailed stats for the previous seven days. But while there isn't a link for it on your stats page, you CAN actually see stats for as many days as you'd like – you just need to modify the URL.

For example, when you click on Referrers from your Blog Stats, it shows you all of the referrers for the past 7 days. But what if you want a more detailed history of referrers to your blog? No worries! Simply change the url from the default one of:


to replace the 7 at the end to the actual number of days you want stats for – 30, 60, 90, 100, the choice is yours to make!

The same logic holds true for viewing Search Engine Terms – just change the 7 in the below URL to whatever number of days you'd like:



And, of course, the same is also true for Top Posts – replace the 7 below with the number of days you want to see Top Posts for:


You can even change it for Summarized Stats of Top Posts – change the 30 below to your chosen count and presto:



 Hope that helps some of you access some of the stats for your blog that you may have thought were buried 🙂

And thanks, wordpress.com, for keeping our stats for so long and making them accessible – now if only we could have a user interface from the dashboard to get at them instead of tweaking the URLs (hint hint – and while I'm at it, how bout offering summary reports for Referrers and Search Engine Terms, as well?) 


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12 Responses to “WordPress.com Stats – more than meets the eye – you can customize them to show stats for as many days as you’d like”

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It’s expensive to keep stats forever, so we may expire them, hence not giving an interface for viewing old stats.

I’m using WordPress 2.0.3, and the only thing I see in the Dashboard|Blog Stats area is a line saying, “There are currently X posts and Y comments, contained within Z categories.”

I don’t see a graph or a Blog Stats **page**. Where is that?



Nevermind, I think I just figured it out… the reasons I didn’t see it was because I hadn’t activated the StatCounter plugin.


Hi!! I am using wordpress on my own domain (wwww.njiggs.be)…I downloaded and installed the latest version of WP (2.0.3)..Now, I have been searching for a good stats plugin but so far havent found any that satisfy my requirements and I prefer to have a plugin rather than code from an external site like blogpatrol or statcounter..And I now found that wordpress.com blogs come inbuilt with blog stats and feed stats..I would like to know if this some plugin which I can use for my WP too…Thanks for letting me know 🙂


Ditto to Ganesh’s question. Is there a plugin that will give a none WordPress.com WP powered blog the built in stats functionality?

You said that “you just need to modify the URL”. But I find impossible to modify the URL in wordpress.com of the “Referrers” o any of them. How do you do that? Where do you do that?

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great great tip, thanks! Was pulling my hair out over this 😀

Ok, I discovered the same by myself, but there is any way to make the graph show more days, weeks or months?

Hi there, thanks for the directions. I’ve made some changes to my lists already!

Another question though, do you have any idea how to show the wp-stats viewcount on the public article pages? I get some good numbers on my posts so want to show them off a bit!

[…] WordPress com Stats more than meets the eye you can customize Posted by root 18 minutes ago (https://blogging.wordpress.com) Make a comment 11 so far click here to cancel reply is there a plugin that will give a none wordpress com wp powered blog the built in another question though do you have any idea how to show the wp stats viewcount on Discuss  |  Bury |  News | WordPress com Stats more than meets the eye you can customize […]

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